The Moon Dance

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I wanted to breathe a little romance back into our relationship and had decided that a night sitting by a fire down at the beach was just the remedy.  I plotted the  romantic scene in my mind and when he got home I had him agree to a little moonlit madness.


There we sat, on a blanket beside a roaring fire, beers in hand under a canopy of velvet night and twinkling stars, just us.  We debated whether or not to strip naked and dive into the lake. Although it had been a warm August evening, the night air was significantly chillier. Our proximity to the fire and the beers I had quaffed were either making me bolder or too warm but the idea of skinny dipping held some appeal.  


I peered into the flames, grinned widely, then stood up and stepped away from the firelight, undressing in the darkness.  I rushed headlong and naked into the lake, laughing excitedly.   I was pleased that the water felt so warm to my skin. "Get in here", I yelled out to him.  I know him, well.  He would sit there and debate the matter for a minute or two.  


I took the opportunity to take the elastics from my braids allowing my hair to flow over my naked form.  I was an enchanting mermaid, a moon maiden, beckoning him to me.  He followed my lead, eventually.  We romped and played in the water, dancing under it's silver caress then dashed back to the fireside and the warmth of the blanket, our clothes left at the shore.  We laughed at our youthful spontaneity.  Twenty years together and still acting like teenagers. 



I leaned into him and placed my lips on his neck. My seduction scene lasted for all of two more minutes before he started screaming, " Oh damn, bloodsucker!" He had a nice big leech attached to his foot. He was losing his cool and it was definitely ruining my moon maiden seduction scene.  


He hopped about trying to pull off the blood sucker without any success.  I told him to sit still and let me look at the passenger. He extended his foot towards me with a completely trusting look in his eyes. It was a good size sucker, at least three inches long.  I reached out and ripped that sucker right off of his foot.  There was some screaming and swearing involved. The sucker had died honorably and quietly in the flames.


After he settled down a bit, I suggested there may be other spots where leeches could have attached themselves. He did not find that funny at all.  I, however, was practically howling over seeing him dance around in the moonlight, totally naked. I have never forgotten his moon dance.  Unfortunately, teenagers that were camped out in the area were able to recount the evening to many of our relatives and it has gone down in tribe memory as the night my pale-faced husband did his first Moon Dance.


By the way, just between you and I, that leech was really only about an inch long but for the sake of male pride we will say it was bigger.  We will also say that this story is complete fiction and that any resemblance to current members of this household is strictly coincidental.